Indoor Air Quality

Lennox Air Purification

There are a few options when it comes to the air purification in your home. Below are some options we offer from Lennox that would replace a normal 1″ filter. As long as there is room to  cut into your ductwork to add a couple inches to your filter box, you can install one of these.


A unique alternative to the filter upgrades, the AirScrubber can be installed in the ductwork very easily or can be purchased as a portable device. The system sends out air scrubbers through the honeycomb UV system that actually cleans surfaces and the air in your home. It is the only air cleaning technology to be awarded the Certified Space Technology seal of approval by the Space Foundation. (NASA)

AirScrubber Plus

This is the system that would be placed in ductword. A standard unit covers up to roughly 3,000 square feet

AirScrubber Pro 3000

This is the portable option if a house does not have any ductwork. It covers the same amount of space as the Plus and can plug into any outlet.