Our service technicians operate with years of experience in diagnosing your equipment.

Some of the Diagnostic Services we offer:

  • Gas furnaces and boilers
  • Oil furnaces and boilers
  • Electric Furnaces and boilers
  • Hydronic (Radiant) Systems
  • Geo-Thermal (watersource) Heat pump systems
  • Refrigeration
  • and much more

Emergency Services

  • For diagnostics and repairs after regular business hours
  • Live operator



Preventative maintenance is an important part in the overall protection of your investment. A yearly maintenance plan will help your equipment to run on peak performance thus saving you money on your utility bill. Furthermore the life expectancy of your equipment is prolonged with a yearly maintenance plan.

Most manufacturer’s require annual maintenance programs in order to keep your warranty in force.

Sign up for our annual Protection Plus Service Plans for an automatically renewing maintenance plan with some interesting advantages:

  • (Bi)-Annual preventative maintenance
  • 15% Discount on labor and materials
  • No overtime (not valid on emergency services)
  • Preferred Scheduling
  • Two year labor warranty (in lieu of 30 days)

If you’re interested in our PPS plans, chose the area you are living in and download our PPS plan:

Zone 1:
  • ​​City limits of Colville
  • ​​City of Kettle Falls
  • Up to Stevens County address 1200

Zone 2:
  • City of Chewelah
  • ​​Up to Stevens County address 2500

Zone 3:
  • Ferry County east of Boulder & Sherman down to Reservation
  • Up to Stevens County address 4500
  • Pend O’Reille County South (Newport)
  • Spokane North (Deer Park, Chatteroy, Division etc)

Zone 4:
  • Ferry County, including Inchelium
  • Pend O’Reille County North (Cusick, Metaline, Metaline Falls, Ione)
  • Stevens County address 4500 and over (Northport, Hunters etc.)
  • Spokane (all but Spokane North)

Zone 5:
  • Okanagan County
  • ​​Lincoln County


We have a variety of fireplaces and stoves that we can install into your home. We offer free‐standing as well as wall insert fireplaces from Avalon, Lopi, and fireplacextrordinair. Check out our Showroom, where we have some of our fireplaces on display to find the perfect one for your home.

Hot Tubs

Thinking about adding a hot‐tub to your home? Come to our showroom and check out the new hot‐tubs that we can install. We carry Dimension One hot tubs and the warranties vary by model, so call our office for more information.

Indoor Air Quality

For those with indoor allergies or asthma, see how the IQAir may be the perfect solution for you. We specialize in improving indoor air quality and want you and your family to enjoy an overall increase of indoor comfort level.


In order to keep your system working well, we also specialize in cleaning fireplace chimneys and duct‐work. It is important to clean out your chimneys on a yearly basis to prevent buildup, which could potentially cause a chimney fire.

Equipment Replacement

If your equipment is beyond repair or you are looking to upgrade your equipment with the most efficient equipment on the market, you’ve come to the right place.

We have access to most all brands available on the market. However, after having spent 20 years installing a wide variety brands we do have our preferences. These preferences have been developed over years of servicing, installation, maintenance, and repair. Our advice comes from experience, and allows us to offer you the best choices to suit your needs.

New Construction

We work primarily on custom residential homes and commercial buildings. We have a full sheet metal shop where we build all of our custom ductwork. We buy our rectangular and round duct - however all other ductwork is made custom to ensure a perfect fit. We have all equipment necessary to provide our customers with the best solution to their needs - Inhouse.

Hydronic (radiant floor)

We do a wide variety of hydronic radiant floor systems. We have installed hydronic tubing under concrete slabs, under subfloors, using lightweight concrete overpours and used “warm board”. We use and offer a wide variety of heating sources from wood boiler, gas or electric boilers and Geo Thermal boiler and several combinations thereof.

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Forced air system

Our forced air systems are custom built in our shop and are professionally installed in the field. We always install our products using the latest codes and installation techniques. We use a wide variety of heating sources, the most common being gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps or Air-conditioners and Geo-Thermal systems.

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Ductless mini split systems

Another popular option is the ductless mini split; some people prefer this over a ducted system. This system can also be used in combination with the forced air system; you might have a bonus room above the garage or something similar where it would be difficult to run ductwork - here is where you could apply this product. We can do single units or multi-flex units with up to 8 indoor units on one outdoor unit. We also have the option to use the hyper heat system which is designed to be used as a primary heating source with a 100 % heat output down to 5 degree F.

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We install primarily grid-tied systems to make use of the excellent rebates available in Washington. We use Solarworld from Oregon or ITEK from Washington. We install solar arrays using micro inverters to maximize the energy output without the usual issues you have with solar panel strings with a central inverter. Solar arrays are currently the best investment you can make with the current Washington state rebates (2020) of up to $0.54 per kW produced and of course the 30% federal tax credit (2016)

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Geo-Thermal Systems

One of the most popular system installs for new construction is the Geo-Thermal system for forced air and/or Hydronic heating systems. With the current 30% federal tax credit the up charge for this system is minimal compared to the long term saving of this system. We have installed every system imaginable from closed horizontal and vertical to pond loops and open loop well system (pump and dump).

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